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I don't blog/update here, so here's a list of places (blog, online comics, twitter) you can find me online that are updated:

Friends With Boys, my upcoming graphic novel, now being serialized online (updates weekdays):
My Website (contains information about my published comics):
The Adventures of Superhero Girl (an online comic, updates Tuesdays): superherogirladventures.blogsp…
And Then Canada Exploded (my blog):
My Facebook Page (newly created!):…
Me on twitter:!/faitherinhicks

Quick bio for those interested: I write and draw comics, some published, some online. My first comic was a 700+ page behemoth called Demonology 101 that I completed in 2004. Since then I've written and drawn Zombies Calling (2007) and The War at Ellsmere (2008) for SLG Publishing, and drawn Brain Camp (2010, written by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan) for First Second books. I finished writing and drawing my next graphic novel, a semi-autobiographical comic about a homeschooled girl entering her first year of public high school, for First Second books in summer 2010. It'll be out in Febuary 2012, but currently it's being serialized online for FREE! I love making comics and I hope I'll be able continue making them for years and years to come.
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I have some time on my hands, and would like to spend it making a little pocket money. Would anyone like to commission me?

Here's what I'm offering:
1 character (maybe with some minimal background), inked and coloured (with markers, like this drawing:… ) on 8 by 11 inch bristol board, the original sent to you (shipping included in price if you live in the States/Canada) for the very reasonable price of $50 US. $15 for each additional character. I'm happy to draw whatever, your character, my character, somebody else's character (please don't sue, I'm poor), and I'm thinking paypal only, unless there's special circumstances.

Sound good? Note me or email me (faitherin AT yahoo dot com) to grab a spot. I'm not sure how many I'll take (I'm going to be busy again soon), so get a drawin' while the gettin's good. :)

In the meantime, here's a preview of my upcoming comic with First Second Books:…
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Let me update this thing as the old journal entry is ... well, old.

Upcoming stuff: This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and everyone should take part! If you're in Halifax, come on out for Strange Adventures' FCBD extravaganza. Info:…
If you're not in Halifax, try and get your paws on Comic Festival! as I have a one page comic in it. Here 'tis:…

On May 9-10, I'll have a table at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and I hope you'll come by and visit me if you're there. The Festival's free anyway, so everyone in Toronto should come out! Info:
Anyway, I hope SOMEBODY comes to talk to me... there're so many well known amazing artists who're going to be at that show, I don't know why anyone would talk to me! O_o But I still hope someone does. I like talking about comics.

Otherwise, I'm hard at work on my current graphic novel project, drawing a middle grade comic for First Second Books. The comic's called The Fielding Course, is written by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan and I think is out in 2010. More on that later ... as well as other exciting stuff.

My latest SLG Publishing book, The War at Ellsmere, was out in December, and has gotten some really great reviews and a Joe Shuster nomination. If you like my artwork, please pick up a copy (super cheap! only $13! Less online!). Here's a little website for the book, which has preview pages and links to the book on Amazon:…

My links:
Website (artwork, short comics, long comics & published comics):
Blog (ramblings):
Sketchblog (sketchier artwork not seen on DA):…
Twitter (ramblings worth 140 characters):
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I thought I would post a note and links as to what I'm doing right now:

Okay, first of all, my latest graphic novel, The War at Ellsmere is out on DECEMBER 3rd!!!! Yes, I know, you're tired of me yelling about that. But in case you've forgotten, that's when it's coming out. So try your local comic store and buy a copy! I think it's a significant improvement over Zombies Calling, which most people seemed to like anyway, so ... it should be extra awesome! (I hope.)
Website for Ellsmere (contains a preview of the book):…

Also, SLG Publishing and I are doing an art-related contest to celebrate the release of the book. There's still time to enter, and there's lovely prizes like original art or a signed copy of the book. Go here for info:…
Due date is DECEMBER 8 for entries, so get arting!

If you're in the Halifax or Toronto areas, there will be signings for the book over the holidays. I'll be sure to post about them here, when I get the final word.

What's next for me: I'm currently working on a new graphic novel for First Second Books, the graphic novel imprint of gigantic New York publisher Macmillan. I know, I'm as shocked as you are. To read about my wacky adventures and how I got the job, go here:…

Yes, very wacky.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to Christmas and eating lots of turkey and getting fat. Really, there's nothing better. :)
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I've posted sequentials and a giant note about my new graphic novel, The War at Ellsmere, which'll be out from SLG Publishing in December, on my LJ here:…
Go take a look!

I also have a report on my San Diego Comicon trip here:…
It has pictures and everything.
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Anyway. So there's this convention thing this week and I'll be there. I will have some signings at the SLG booth, and otherwise you'll be able to find me wandering around with an expression of shock and awe on my face.
Here're my signings:
THURSDAY: 10-12, 4:30-6. Hm, all around meal-time. If someone brings me a gift of food, I will draw you something. I also really like diet Coke.
SATURDAY: 10-12, 2-3 although I WILL be going to that Pushing Daisies panel, so you may have to come with me to stand in line. Haha, that'd be awesome. We can be line buddies!
SUNDAY: 10-12, 2-4.

My friend Karine has a table in the Artists Alley, LL-09, and I'm sure I will be there often, hiding behind her. Or possibly leaping out to tackle various people (oh god, Steve Purcell and I will be sharing the same meatspace! must not freak out! eeeeee!).

I am not bringing anything to sell, but I will be offering commissions if you want one. I'll bring a little pad of bristol to draw on, and maybe my markers for colouring prettiness. Anyone want a commission? I don't offer them online anymore as I'm too busy, but I'm sure I will have some down time at the con, and drawing something helps me work off nervous energy. Plus, this convention thing is EXPENSIVE, and I'd like to try and work off the cost of it. Bringing reference really helps with commissions, so do so if possible (I mean, I don't even know what Superman looks like).

I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU ALL! Please, come talk to me! I love talking to people and talking to people about comics is the best thing in the world.
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Thought I would post about recent art-related updates to my life.

First of all, I'm going to the San Diego Comicon in July! I look forward to it with excitement and terror. It'll only be my second convention, and the previous on was a tiny convention in Toronto, so ... I hope I won't get trampled on. I'm sure I'll be doing some signings at the SLG Publishing booth, so if you're going, drop me a line. I'll post more info when it gets closer to the con.

Second, I won a Joe Shuster Award! It's tremendously exciting to be honoured, and to be considered a peer amongst my fellow Canadian cartoonists. Winning the award was hugely shocking (and very unexpected), but hugely welcomed, too. It's wonderful to receive such validation.

I'm hard at work on my second graphic novel for SLG Publishing, The War at Ellsmere. We'll be handing out preview ashcans for it at San Diego, so be sure to drop by the SLG booth and grab one. The book is about a poor-but-smart girl who wins a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school and the intrigue, friendships and danger she experiences there.

I have tons of other stuff going on too, stuff I can't talk about yet. It's terrifying and exciting, and all I can think to do is work as hard as I can, and try and build my reputation as a comic artist. Honestly, I never thought this would happen, and now that is is... it's scary! Wonderful and exciting, but scary!

As always, here are other places you can find me:
My website:
A website for my graphic novel, Zombies Calling:…
My sketchblog with fellow artists nem0 and Adam Boorman:…
My online comic Ice, updated "when I can:"
My online comic Demonology 101 (complete, in archive):
And my personal blog, where I ramble on about things of little importance:

Thanks for reading!
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Mon Jun 2, 2008, 7:33 AM
The Mystery of What Happened on May 29th.

Did something happen to my DA page on May 29th? I just came back from vacation and a flatteringly obscene number of people had friended me, and the number of visitors was also really high. I'm curious! Everyone likes a good mystery ...

Anyway, I'll be posting new stuff soon, once I get back to my home and my computer. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp, our friendly government TV station) asked me to do some t-shirts for a character on one of their shows, so I'll post that stuff once I'm done with it.

Vacation was good. I was visiting my American family (my parents moved to Canada 30 something years ago and never went back to the States, so all my grandparents and cousins and stuff are still there) in North Carolina. Nice and warm there. I think I prefer Nova Scotia summers, tho. I don't like it when it's so hot you can't breathe.

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Free Comic Book Day in Halifax, NS!

Wed Apr 30, 2008, 12:17 PM
I will be there, drawing on things ...

(Cross-posted from my LJ)

Free Comic Book Day! It's this Saturday! May 3rd! And I'm so excited! Strange Adventures will be having a hoopla (yes, that is the official term) for it, and I'll be there and drawing on things. Probably small children. And body parts. So if you're in Halifax this Saturday, come by the store and get free comics and stuff, and say hi to me. (Actually, I think FCBD will be at the church right next to the Spring Garden Library at Spring Garden Road and Brunswick Street, because the thought of cramming hundreds of people into that tiny store makes my claustrophobia itch just a wee bit. Anyway, whatever, I'm sure you'll be able to find where it is. Just follow the hordes of people.). And there'll be other artists there too, so you can talk to them instead of me if I'm scary or something.

However, if you do come talk to me, I'll give you a preview ashcan of my mysterious new graphic novel, which'll be published by SLG in December or thereabouts (barring my hand falling off, which at this point is a real possibility). Already it's getting rave reviews from my friends, one of whom commented (in an outrageous French Canadian accent): "I think this one will do better because the art is better. I don't remember any backgrounds in Zombies Calling." Me: "WHAT." And then I stabbed him with a fork. It was awesome.

Anyway. If you are in Halifax this weekend, BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

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More Original Art for Sale!

Wed Feb 13, 2008, 7:29 AM
Stuff from D101, Zombies Calling, Avatar, Futurama...

I'm selling a bunch of original art to help with my bout of unemployment. There's info and the pieces here:…

I'm selling them personally, not through ebay, so if you have problems with using ebay, or any place that needs a credit card, hopefully this'll help.

Happy art buying! ;)

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Art for Sale!

Sat Feb 2, 2008, 3:29 PM
Pushing Daisies fanart on

Right here:…

It's a very nice piece, and I worked quite hard on it. Please bid so I can buy food. :D Thanks very much.

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At The Beguiling and Geekdom...

Christmas is coming and I'm off to Ontario to visit my folks. I've been invited to do a couple of signings for my newly published graphic novel, Zombies Calling, at a couple of local stores. The BIG ONE is at the famous Toronto comic store The Beguiling.
I'll be there with a much more famous cartoonist, Svetlana Chmakova (creator of Dramacon), whose Dramacon 3 book is just out. The signing will be on the 19th of December from 4-6 pm. Click here for info:…

If fighting your way into Toronto isn't your thing, I'll also be at my hometown comic shop, Geekdom, in Milton on the 22nd of Dec, from 1-3 pm. Here's the webpage with location info:
I grew up in that tiny little town, which had one comic store that I absolutely hated going into ... it was claustrophobic and epitomized all that is wrong with comic book stores, including icky clerks and a selection of comics that ran the gamut of Marvel to ... Marvel. THAT comic book store closed down a while ago, but THIS store is new, and I'm assured is very nice. And I think it's important to support comic book stores in tiny towns (well, towns that are now basically suburbs of Toronto), because if you don't, where will the poor geeks trapped in suburbia get their comics?

Anyway, if you want to avoid the hordes of fans that I'm sure are going to descend on The Beguiling signing and mob Svetlana, the second signing might be a nice option. :) Hope to see you there!

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Wed Nov 14, 2007, 7:17 PM
... also, a book signing on the 24th!

Yes, FINALLY, my very first graphic novel is out. Published by SLG Publishing, Zombies Calling is finally in comic stores! And on amazon, ready for shipping as well. Please, if you enjoy my work, run down to your local shop and pick up a copy, and support my attempt at becoming a Real Live Comic Book Artist!
Here's a link to the Zombies Calling webpage, which contains art, comments, previews of the comic and a glimpse at its wacky evolution:…
I picked up a copy today (without waiting for my comp copies), and guys, it looks REALLY FANTASTIC. SLG did a wonderful job with the layout and printing, and it's pocket sized, like manga. So it fits perfectly in your hand or back pocket, and you can read it on the bus.

ALSO: there will be a book launch/signing for me on the 24th of November at Strange Adventures ( ) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Click here for info:… come by if you're in the area. I'll be happy to draw in your book, sign it, whatever you like. As long as you buy it. ;)

Some pictures from today:……

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I'm just putting up a link list here of all my various netstuff (webpages, online comics) and Real World projects (soon to be published comics), as I don't update this journal (but I do update the gallery, yay!). So this will be a placeholder to direct people to more update-y places. How droll!

My webpage:
Contains art, short comics, and links to other fun stuff.

Zombies Calling:…
A mini-site for my soon-to-be-published graphic novel. It'll be out in November, from SLG Publishing. Please buy it! I've worked so very hard on it, and really,what else can you buy for $10 anyway?
Links to pre-orders on and……

We Killed the Hubble! :…
A sketchblog I keep with my friend nem0. It contains the art I feel is too sketchy for DA. It's updated fairly often.

My Shuster Award nominated webcomic, updated "when I can." I'm so swamped with ZC and paying work, updates are hard to come by. Warning: comic is rated R.

My Blog:
In which I ramble on about stuff of little importance.

Demonology 101:
My completed online comic, which started this whole 'I want to become a comic book artist!' thing. Watch my art evolve before your very eyes! Rated PG-13

I think that's it for me... enjoyyy.
My webpage has moved to its very own domain.

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Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon

Wed May 30, 2007, 3:23 PM
My very first comic book convention!

I forgot to mention this here (until someone reminded me): June 9-10 I'll be at the Paradise Comics Convention ( ), probably wandering around with a stunned look on my face. It's my very first comic book convention, and I'll be on two panels as a part of the Women of Comics ... uh, thing. Because, y'know, I'm a Woman. And I do Comics. Here's the programming here:
I'm on the very first panel (visual language) and the very last one (webcomics). I figure I have a lot of experience with the latter topic and ... well, I WAS an English major. I'm sure I can talk out my ass about the former. :)

I don't really have anything to sell at the Con, but I will have stuff to give away. Slave Labor has been kind enough to assemble a little preview packet for Zombies Calling, so if you're there, I'll be giving that out. It contains the first 15 pages of Zombies Calling, and if they're funny enough to make my Mom laugh (she told me she did, so unless she's lying...), hopefully con-goers will find it hilarious.

Otherwise I have a bunch of Zombies Calling postcards, and I may have a sketchfolio to pass around ... we'll see if the latter actually gets here in time for the con.

Anyway, if you're going to be there, say Hi. Like I said, this is all a new experience for me, and hopefully it'll be a good one.  

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... by the lovely SLG Publishing...

Yep, gettin' my first graphic novel published. Eees good. PLEASE BUY IT AND SUPPORT ME ARTS. I'm effin' thrilled about it all.

I posted a huge blog entry, complete with panels and a cover over here:…

Am exhausted from all the typing and being excited. Go there for info and stuffs. Yaaayyyyy. *totters off*

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I don't think I ever mentioned here, but I had a comic on Modern Tales for a while, and now I don't anymore. That is to say, it's now free. :)

It was meant to be a sucessor to Demonology 101, but due to the fact that I'm now living In The Real World I haven't been able to devote as much time to it as I should ... which was one of the reasons I took it off Modern Tales. I felt bad asking people to pay for something that was pretty irregular. So now it updates every two weeks, or 'when I have time', which ... isn't always every two weeks. :P

The link's here:…

It's an adult themed comic, dealing with life in a torn down future England, where the only remnants of the current England is a rather sneaky Monarchy. The country is in the throes of a brutally long winter, and a nation-wide energy crisis. Cirr and Hunter, our semi-hero and heroine, have stumbled on something that could possibly solve the energy crisis... but unfortunately for them, other people want what they have, and are willing to kill to get it.

The comic's up to 128 pages, so there's a chunk to read. Enjoyyyyy.
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Okay, I hate having a unpaid account. Especially the lack of thumbnails. If anyone wants to buy me a year's paid account, I will be happy to draw you something of your choice. First person to note me with an offer wins the prize. And considering it's about half what I normally charge for commissions, I'd say it's a pretty good deal. :P
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Too Many Skittles

Wed Aug 9, 2006, 6:31 PM

What I have been up to since March:

-Celebrated my 1 year anniversary in Halifax. Good times. Had some unemployment for a while which made me nervous, but was able to make it work. Don't intend to leave anytime soon.

-Birthday coming up the end of September. Good lord, I'll be 28. I'm firmly into my late twenties. It's boggling. Why do I still feel like a kid? Why am I still single? Why do I still bite my nails? Why does everything seem to take twice as long to do, and yet the time goes by twice as fast?

-I was one of the 50 semi-finalists for that Comic Challenge thing ( ) and you can find my submission in my gallery here. I turned down the offer to go to San Diego (but I had to pay for everything! ... no thanks) and pitch in person. Was not really impressed by the quality of work in the contest, and would rather not give up the rights to my ideas. Anyway, it was an entertaining experience. I wish they wrote contracts in English instead of Legalese.

-I did a kid's educational comic for a publisher in Ontario. It was a 35 page comic about Nellie Bly, and will be in the Scholastic Catalog this fall, I think. So if you have school aged kids, buy my sh%t! I'm now in the midst of doing a second comic for the same publisher, this time about Jane Goodall. Yay freelance!

-Have pretty much given up on finding a nice, youth orientated liberal church in the area. Why do churches suck so much? Why are they so cliquey? I'm a nice person; welcome me! And stop trying to make me hate on the gays. I like the gays. Yeesh.

-Despite success in educational comics field still not having any luck with getting MY comics published... in the midst of trying again. Hard not to become bitter, as I often see inferior work being published. Am puzzled by that. Are sexual favours required for comic publication? Or at least bribes?

-My hair is now the longest I've ever had it. Very much need a haircut at the moment. I look like one of the Ramones, but without the ugly.

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